In Loving Memory of Our Dear Friends

Ellie Mae July 2005-January 2010

  • Owned by Jeff & Kym
    Ellie Mae came into our lives on a very hot day in July of 2005 when we adopted her and she left us on a cold day in January 2010. She became loved very quickly in our home. We remember the funny things about her like her playing with our mini long hair Dachshund. It was like David and Goliath. We loved how she would howl at things. That was music to our ears. She is missed every day and we wish we could have had more time with her. We love you very much Ellie Mae.
"They were not just our pets, they were part of our families, our lives. They will be missed but never forgotten."

Ramses July 21 2004 - December 22 2010

  • Owned by Steve & Jean
    Ramses was such a warm, gentle and loving family member. He was so much more than just "a family pet" to us. His love was so unconditional, he always made you happy when you were sad, keep you warm when you were cold, and even in his time of sickness he always would greet you with a kiss annd a wagging tail. He will forever be in our hearts, we love and miss him dearly.

Mickey 1996-2011

  • Owned by Anna & Steve
    I will miss you forever my sweet Mickey; you were my loyal friend and companion; Auntie Mary next door also will miss you; We love you Mickey! Until we meet again; your Mumma & Steve.

Hayley Oct 1997-Jan 3. 2011

  • Owned by Mary, Tom, Greg & Zoey
    We adopted Hayley from a man in a truck at a Christmas tree farm Dec '97 after cutting down our tree. He said "anybody want a pup?" I asked if there were any little girls. Held her & it was love at first sight!! She didn't like the cats much,really hated bunnies in the yard. Very good watchdog. She loved going for rides in the car, playing fetch & being near us - all the time. She loved going to Schramm's with her pooh bear suitcase filled with toys. She was a good dog. We will miss our "fuzzy wuzzy"

Mac July 2003-March 28 2011

  • Owned by Paul & Beth
    Mac was a super dog who was alway there to make you feel better when you were having a bad day. He made us laugh when he chased campfire sparks, or reflections, and shadows on the wall. He loved watching everthing we did to make sure it was done right. Our daughters actually thought he could read because he loved books. We will miss him for a long time.

Gizmo July 13 1996-July 14 2011

  • Owned by John & Ann
    Although only 5 pounds, Gizmo had a huge personality that could not be forgotten. He was endlessly curious and, more than anything, he loved to be held.(& we loved to hold him :) Thank you for the many kindnesses you showed Gizzie and us.


  • Owned by Kym, Jeff & Cassidy
    Sydney was the best girl ever and everyone loved her. Sydney was our best friend, our protector, our angel. She was our first pet in our home and she will always have a very special place here. We may get other dogs, but it will not replace our sweet Sydney. She was one of a kind. We love and miss you Sydney and hope you are having fun with Ellie Mae. Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.
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